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  •  Heart Rate Growing the EC Way: Active. Healthy. Strong.

    The East Central ISD Employee Wellness initiative is to foster an adoption of a wellness culture throughout the District. The ECISD Wellness Committee will identify, promote and provide a variety of health and wellness opportuninites to empower employees to adopt positive attitudes and behaviors through a lifelong committment to wellness. Ulitimately, the goals are to encourage, develop and enhance a healthy living style of all District employees.


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  • Friday Fitness Fact

    Does Food Matter? You are what you eat? Your health reflects what you eat?

    Join and be Informed. 


    This introduction is 20:11 minutes and so worth your time! Ty Bollinger interviews Ocean Robbins, Co-Host of The Food Revolution Summit & Co-Founder of The Food Revolution Network. It's free to join the Summit and learn about the foods you eat and how it affects your health for better or worse.

     Get Moving


    Successful, happy and productive people have a regular habit of getting in some healthy movement each day. This doesn’t necessarily mean a 5-mile run (unless that’s your thing, of course). Simply taking 20 minutes on your lunch break to do a lap around the block, taking the stairs more often, or even parking your car a little farther away from the grocery store can really add up.

    If you have a difficult time making moving a habit, there are many apps and devices to help. Check out a fitness tracker, like Fitbit or Nike+ FuelBand. Many fitness trackers can be set to vibrate every hour or less to remind you to stay active. This doesn’t mean you need to work out every half hour or anything. Just move: getting up to get a glass of water or taking a quick jaunt to the copier can add more movement into your life. Make movement a habit.

    Source: http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/2015/03/27/10-good-habits-will-change-life/